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Computer Diagnostics

Your vehicle’s electrical system performs essential functions that directly impact the vehicle’s operation. This system consists of the battery, the ignition and the alternator.

Computer Diagnostics

Have you recently noticed that your car’s check engine light is illuminated? As long as your vehicle seems to run fine, you may be inclined to ignore the warning light. However, this light is an important indicator that one of your car’s vital systems is not functioning properly and needs professional attention from a qualified mechanic near you.

Accurate Car Diagnostic Testing

The computer diagnostics process is relatively fast, and it will tell you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. To complete the diagnostics process, one of our technicians will connect an advanced device to the vehicle. This device can read your vehicle’s check engine light codes to assess the situation. Through a review of the codes, our technicians are able to use a flow chart procedure to determine what happened and why. Some of the components that our diagnostic equipment can detect problems with are the throttle, the engine, the oil tank, the transmission and more. Once the car diagnostics are complete, our technicians can make the necessary repairs and get your vehicle running properly again.

Your Source for Fast, Thorough Computer Diagnostics

Your car’s check engine light will turn on at the first sign of trouble. When repair problems are not fully and properly addressed right away, additional wear and damage can develop. This means that delaying the diagnostic and repair services could result in more time-consuming and expensive repairs. It also increases the chance of a vehicle breakdown. At our respected service center, our hardworking mechanics can run expert diagnostics without delay. You can count on us to give you honest answers and complete details on the services needed.

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At our service center near you, we want to keep your car running well for years to come. Regardless of the make and model that you enjoy driving, we are your source for accurate diagnostics and quality repairs. To learn more about why your vehicle’s check engine light is on, schedule computer diagnostics with our technicians today.